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Stray Dog is a brand that exemplifies doing one thing and doing it well. This Greek brand was inspired by treks through the mountains of Northern Greece. It's a unique gin, but the risks pay off. Stray Dog Gin has a layered, complex taste. Juniper and mastiha combine to create enhanced notes of pine. As per Travel Distilled, "The subtle complexity is also there when you taste the gin. There's a swirl of sage and pine, followed by rosemary, then the citrus comes through ... and when you taste the juniper it isn't strong but seems to sit naturally in among the sage and rosemary flavors. Where it does dominate is on the finish, which leaves you in no doubt that this is definitely gin... and an excellent one at that."

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“Stray Dog Gin feels truly Mediterranean, herbal, still bright and characterful, and matches great with the flavors and spirit of our cuisine at Zaytinya — probably due to the wild Greek herbs or the mastiha they use in it. I like how they pulled peculiar aromas like sage without [becoming] too floral or fruity.” —Miguel Lancha, Cocktail Innovator, José Andrés ThinkFoodGroup, Washington, D.C.

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The spirit of Greece, distilled. Stray Dog Wild Gin is made with botanicals from the mountains of Greece and embodies the authentic wild Mediterranean flavor.


This gin was inspired by a road trip through Greece, and is indeed distilled there in the northern town of Aridea. Wild botanicals from the countryside are used, including fennel seed, sage, rosemary, and a piney tree resin called mastiha, which all come together in a licorice and spice-forward spirit that has a creamy mouthfeel. A portion of the profits from this new gin will go to support a no-kill animal shelter in Greece called Save a Greek Stray.

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The result is a classy gin that definitely has terroir, and goes brilliantly with a quality tonic. Perhaps the Greek craft spirits movement is on the rise.

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Simply taking the top off the bottle was a heady moment, as one sniff of the gin transported me to hiking in Greece on a hot summer day through forests thick with the smell of pine trees, and along tracks where the air is filled with the smell of plants like sage and rosemary, intensified by the searing hot sun.

Travel Distilled Stray Dog Wild Gin Review

Though gin is perhaps not the first spirit that comes to mind when you think of Greece, Stray Dog Wild Gin, produced in Thessaloniki, highlights the natural, wild flavors of the homeland in its signature recipe.

Johnny Livanos Talks to TNH about Stray Dog Wild Gin

The first thing that came to me when I took a sip of Stray Dog is that this gin actually has flavor! And then it dawned on me that the flavor is both familiar and elusive. It tastes of the air on a Greek spring day! What do I mean? The subtle complexity of Greek herbs is evident in that first sip. It's exciting to me that there's a delicious Greek gin, not just one arbitrarily "made" in Greece, but one that actually tastes of Greece. It's delicious and I am looking very forward to many more sips of Stray Dog, straight up, or in, as the Greeks call it, a good "tzintonik!"

— Chef Diane Kochilas - Cookbook author and host of PBS show My Greek Table

A wonderful herbal gin with hints of woody sweetness. It makes a nicely balanced gin and tonic since it brings so many herbal notes to the table.

— Leo Degroff - Spirits Expert

Stray Dog Wild Gin’s profile is just outstanding, very clean and fresh with delicious herbal and citrus notes. My new favorite gin!

— Daniella Senior - Founding Partner Serenata, Colada Shop and Bresca

Stray Dog not only comes from a family approach to making a spirit – and it feels like it – but I love how its strong yet in balance herbal character drives any drink it is in. Piney, dry herbs and sage. Sublime! All in all, it feels definitely Mediterranean.

— Miguel Figueredo Lancha - ThinkFoodGroup Cocktail Innovator

Introducing Stray Dog Wild Gin, a gin that captures the sun-drenched atmosphere of the Greek landscape. Bursting with juniper, wild mountain sage, rosemary and fennel seed, this is a citrus-forward Mediterranean-style gin with a philanthropic backbone: A portion of all proceeds benefit animal shelters. Stray Dog Wild Gin is inspired by the untouched mountains in northern Greece.

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